A Vision for the American Anthropological Association

The mission and the Long-Range Plan entail a vision of the American Anthropological Association that contains three interlocking aspects:

1. The American Anthropological Association will support the growth, advancement and application of anthropological knowledge, expertise, and interpretation through research, publication, and dissemination within a broad range of educational and research institutions as well as to the society at large.

2. The AAA will reinforce and promote the values associated with the acquisition of anthropological knowledge, expertise, and interpretation. This includes a commitment to the AAA Code of Ethics and the AAA Declaration on Anthropology and Human Rights. It also includes a commitment to the importance of diversity in the anthropological profession, both social and intellectual.

3. The AAA will remain an organization that enables the development and dissemination of anthropological knowledge, expertise, and interpretation. It is committed to having all of the following work toward this goal: its internal organizational structure; its long-range planning process; its Annual Meetings; its Section-sponsored conferences; its support for the integration of practicing anthropology within the AAA and the discipline at large; its support for a state-of-the art communications infrastructure; its support for departments of anthropology within colleges, universities, and other research and teaching institutions; and its support for anthropologists otherwise employed in those institutions, other kinds of institutions, and other organizations. The AAA will develop and maintain the financial resources to carry out this vision.