The Long-Range Plan

As the largest organization representing anthropology in all its diversity, the American Anthropological Association is committed to assessing how it can best carry out its mission in changing milieus of research, education, and employment. To honor this commitment, the AAA Executive Board has instituted an ongoing long-range and operational planning process.

This plan is an ongoing, evolving document that outlines twelve objectives for advancing and disseminating anthropological knowledge, expertise, and interpretation early in the 21st century. Consistent with the vision outlined below, the Executive Board annually revises and reassesses these objectives to determine how the AAA might best advance anthropological knowledge, expertise, and interpretation; clarify its values; create a more effective organization; ensure that its conferences are stimulating, well-organized, and appropriate; and develop financial resources and communication outlets for disseminating anthropological research, pedagogy, and practice to our membership and the broader society.